Offering full service means we can perform all aspects of your project – land selection, subdivisions of 50’ lots, detailed drawings, permits, interior design and even landscaping. 

With respect to design or planning, we can do as little or as much as you like – we are happy to work with consultants of your choice and build from drawings you already have.

Lot Inventory

We have a number of lots already in our inventory of properties in established Edmonton neighbourhoods to choose from. We may already have the dream location for you to build your dream home.

Subdivision Approval

If you already own a lot that is 50’ wide we can assist you in getting the property approved and registered for subdivision.


We have great relationship’s with some of Edmonton’s best home designers and can assist in designing your dream home. No need to commit to hire us to build.

Permit Approval

Do you already have your blue prints? We can assist you with the City of Edmonton with your permit application. Zoning Bylaws are always changing and we can help guide you through this tricky process.

Realtor Services

Conrad Langier is a Licensed Realtor who has personally bought and sold numerous properties in established inner city. If your ideal location isn’t already in our inventory we would be your best choice in helping you find your dream location to build your next house. Seller’s and Realtors know us as a strong buyer and regularly bring us off market deals before they hit the open market.


No job is too big or small.


We have experience managing and renovating commercial retail building's and would be happy to lend our expertise for any projects in the Greater Edmonton area.